Dream, Believe, Achieve.

One moment can reshuffle the cards

For Roy Peled, it was a hit-and-run accident altering his life the way he once knew it in a substantial way

From the moment they killed his life partner and first love, Roy embarked on a journey in the footsteps of the criminals

What began as a personal struggle soon became the most popular public, legal and social battle in Israel and France within the recent years.

It was over three years from the moment the fugitives fled Tel-Aviv until they were found and sentenced in court in the city of Paris, France.

“I was willing, at any given moment, to give up everything I had for what I wanted to achieve”

His actions evoked Roy and others to an unexpected journey along its way to a goal that was achieved beyond the mountains of bureaucracy, politics and the complexity of media in both countries.

In his fascinating talk Roy Peled reveals a personal and moving story. In his unique way, he presents a life lesson about priorities, decision making and goal setting that brings the viewer to a different perspective, to the reasons and motivations for action and to change the perception.

It is a story about the power of decision, the power of love and the power of inspiration.


Roy Peled

Roy is a social and business activist.

Born and raised in the Golan Heights. After serving in the IDF, he joined the Ministry of Defense and was sent to several positions abroad.

He successfully founded an NGO and led the fight to bring Lee Zeitouni’s killers to justice.

Today Roy Peled specializes in business and strategic development, advises campaigns, organizations and companies.

A speaker in fields of leadership, decision making and organizational management.

In the coming months, his first book #OnlyGoodThings is expected to be published.

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